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AAW Heathcote-Mt Pleasant Calendar PDF 



Theme: Growth through Gratitude, Grace and Guidance

(C of A = Church of Ascension)




Tuesday, 19 May

5.00 p.m. AAW

Tea provided $3.00 each

C of A – Rae Boland and Judy Phillips

Tuesday, 16 June

5.00 p.m. AAW

Tea provided $3.00 each


Speaker: Rose Lindley

“Mercy Ship”

Tuesday, 21 July

5.00 p.m. AAW

Finger food please

At Moya’s – REMITS

condensed. My employed years

Thursday, 6 August (Pat)

10.30 a.m. North Canterbury Festival

St John’s Rangiora

Tuesday, 18 August

1.00 p.m. AAW

Mitre 10 – Columbus Café

Sunday, 20 September

2.00 p.m. Diocesan AAW Festival

Transitional Cathedral

(afternoon tea)

Tuesday, 20 October

5.00 p.m. AAW

Tea provided $3.00 each

TBC – Brydie Trust:

Ketogenic Diet Therapy

Tuesday, 17 November

5.00 p.m. AAW – AGM

Plate please, finger food tea

C of A – Xmas Stirrers


Subscriptions $25.00 : Circle $10.00 (4 copies per year). All subscriptions to be paid by June, please

Patricia Owen (Leader: Phone 328-8182 – can leave a message)

The Aims of the Association

~ To unite in prayer and participate in the mission of the church

~ To promote, safeguard, and nurture Christian family life

The AAW Prayer


O God whose love for all people is proclaimed in Jesus Christ. We thank you for uniting us in prayer and fellowship. Use us now in the mission of your church. Help us to realise that everything we do and say reflects our love for you. Bless homes and families throughout the world, especially those unhappy or those in need. Show us how by our example and concern we can take your peace and love wherever your spirit leads us, today and all our days. Amen.




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