Strategic Plan, Mission 2030

The Anglican Parish of Heathcote and Mt Pleasant

Parish Mission Action Plan


Parish Strategic Mission

Trust in God First (Whakawhirinaki ki te Atua Tuatahi)

Mission Statement

To Promote faith in Jesus Christ by living lives where we place our complete trust in Christ’s redemptive nature

Mission Objectives

Outreach - Caring - Worship

What is PMAP-2030?

PMAP2030 is the Parish Mission Action Plan. Should the mission objectives, both financial and pastoral be achieved, there is every reason to expect that the future of the parish is maintained for the foreseeable future. Originally named “Mission 2030”, its name was changed to dovetail into the nomenclature and form of the Diocesan Mission Acton Plan. The timeframe to achieve the indicated goals will take the parish through to the year 2030. This is also the period that our Diocesan Bishop has indicated (God willing) will be the term of his episcopacy.

It is unlikely that the current Vicar and Wardens will be in office to see this project through to its completion. However, by setting a Mission Action Plan, we begin a process of honouring the ministries of those previous caretakers of the parish.

The best gift we can provide for the future is a parish both spiritually and financially secure. We honour those who have preceded us since those early beginnings prior to 1860, by ensuring that the call of God is maintained through their adherence to God’s word, the generosity of spirit and passion to enhance the spread of the Gospel is sustained. Thus, achievement of PMAP2030 should see the parish in a healthy state both spiritually and financially as we move into this third millennium.

Parish Organisation

Effective operation of a parish requires the input of the worshipping community. This means sharing the responsibilities of ministry as widely as possible. The parish “belongs” to those who have committed to the parish roll. Effective parochial management requires that the skills and experiences of members of the Community of Faith are utilized as efficiently as possible.

Spiritual Maturity

The first responsibility of a Vicar is to encourage, enable and support the spiritual maturation of the individual. Ministry belongs to Christ and it is our corporate responsibility to ensure the ongoing Mission of God (Missio Deo) is maintained. Leading individuals toward the challenge of understanding the mind of God must be our main ministry objective. While complete understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work in the world might only partly be interpreted, and understood, working toward this objective should be the Mission of the parish in the wider community.

Property Rationalization and Financial Security

The objective of achieving a financially secure base is essential if we are to fulfil the challenges set before us in Missio Dei. This Strategic Vision requires us to rationalize our resources and realizable assets to create a sustaining and long term future. The challenging objective of achieving the ongoing Mission of the Church can then be earnestly addressed.

By the year 2030, the main income for the parish will be derived from parishioner contributions (almsgiving), local fundraising objectives and investment income.

PMAP 2030 Plans and Goals (what do we want to achieve?)


1 To increase the visibility of parish life in the community through active participation in the local community

2 To effectively engage with local education facilities, businesses and commercial establishments

3 To respond to the needs of the community with Christ-like compassion

4 To rationalize resources and funds to ensure financial independence is maintained until at least 2080


1 To ensure the love of Jesus Christ is represented in all that we say and do

2 To care - For ourselves, each other and for our world

3 To care for the world, the environment and its resources as provided by God and loaned to us by our children

4 To identify the values of the people within the Parish and merge them with faith values that are stable and centred upon Jesus Christ


1 To provide modern, relevant, spontaneous and contemplative worship services that exemplify faith in Jesus Christ in a modern world.

2 To appoint, train and support lay leaders to facilitate and enable vibrant Christian worship leadership

3 To make worship an event where everyone is encouraged to take part

4 To provide a spiritually stable Anglican environment in Heathcote and Mt Pleasant

PMAP2030 Strategies

(who and when?)

1. A Strategic Plan will be presented to the Vestry by the 1 June 2023

2. The Vicar, with the Wardens will establish a 12-month Mission Plan to be adopted from 1 June 2023

3. Structural components of ministry to be addressed by the Vestry.

• Completion of Mission 2030 and Business Plan 2023 for the Future

• Property

• Finance

• Parish Life

• Worship

• Sanctuary Guild

• History

• Pastoral Care

• Office Management

• Christmas Trees

4. The Vicar, with the Vestry will agree strategies to achieve the planned future growth of the Parish by 1 June 2023

5. The Vicar, with the Vestry will determine year on year financial result targets by 1 June 2023

Mission Plan 2023, P-MAP Objectives for 2023


• Organise a range of Parish Committees to assist in the Worship, Property, Pastoral, Executive, Outreach Social and day to day operation of the parish and task them to respond with activities and timelines they will undertake to achieve the Future Plan’s Objectives and Goals and record in the Mission Plan.

• Improve the protocols of Vestry meetings so that significant issues to be discussed are well described and circulated before the meetings and when a decision is taken by the Vestry then the issue is closed and acted upon.

• The proposed budget showed a shortfall in income. The Vestry is to work to ensure the shortfall for the 2023 financial year is managed as effectively as possible. As the parish moves through the sale process of the 39 Major Hornbrook Rd site, short term borrowing from the Church Property Trustees will be required.

• The Vicar will provide guidance to each of the Committees to ensure the outcomes are aligned with the Future Plan’s Objectives and Goals.

• The Vestry will oversee the sale of the Mt Pleasant property and the transition to the Heathcote Premises.

• The Vestry will ensure optimum income from our premises is maintained.

• Plan and organise the planting, maintenance, sale and disposal of Christmas trees.

• Continue to train and equip worship leaders

• Regular Bible Studies will be held with specific focused studies in Advent and Lent

• Organise a Home Group to meet monthly

• Organise a series of parish social functions, swimming, coffee mornings, cycling events, weekly parish dinners, weekly pub dinners and social get together's.

• Achieve a parish growth of 5%

• Maintain a full and regular parish visiting schedule by both ordained and lay leaders

• Introduce Midweek Winter Services and share the leading of these with lay leaders

• Organise a challenging and varied Sunday worship schedule where biblical preaching, prayer and renewal of Covenant relationship in Christ is maintained.

• Encourage individual prayerfulness and spirituality by organising a prayer chain and monthly prayer meetings.

• Keep the parish website current each week and organise a social media platform

Responsibilities to be achieved

Worship (Vanda McKerchar)

1 Worship

• Organisation, planning and support of worship

• The organisation of good music, the selection of music for services

• Maintenance of the instruments at both churches

• The appointment, upskilling and encouragement of lay worship leadership

• Mid-week service to be organised and led by both lay and clergy

2 Sanctuary Guild.

• Ensure the prepare of the church for worship

• Cleanliness and care of the Eucharistic vessels and sanctuary appointments

• Ablutions of Eucharistic vessels and sanctuary linen

• Care and stowage of vestments

• Supply of Eucharistic elements

• That the churches are clean and tidy in preparation for divine worship

Property (Janet Christie-Anderson)

• Refurbish the interior of the Church of St Mary

• Upgrade the heating and lighting in the Church if St Mary.

• Rationalise and upgrade the Heathcote Site to provide modern facilities complex with the provision of Internet

• Upgrade the Church to allow the delivery of modern and effective worship

Pastoral (Sheelagh Wood/Judy Stack)

• Planning, organising and delivery of a weekly Bible Study, clergy led but run by lay leaders

• Organisation of a monthly prayer meeting/home group in parishioner’s homes

• Formulation of a prayer chain

• Spiritual care and support

• Organisation a parish pastoral care team

• Responding to the pastoral needs of the wider community

• Support for those providing pastoral ministry

• Acknowledging the support from willing helpers.

• Annual event to thank those offering a special ministry

Executive (Vicar and Wardens)

`1 Office

• Operating a visible and “attended” office in the Community

• Organisation of the day to day management of the parish office

• The provision of the pew sheet and service sheets to support worship

• Weekly newsletter is provided to parishioners via the Web Site

• Open and support a face book page

• Ongoing maintenance of the parish web page

2 Property

• Effective management of the parish’s properties with respect to maintenance, repairs, cleaning, tenancy

• General maintenance of the lawns and gardens and rosters

• Appointment and support of a facilities manager for the church and hall premises

• Appointment and support for a tenancy manager

• Organise the bookings

• Set charges for the facilities

• Management of sale and purchase of land and property

• Oversight of alterations and upgrades to the Church of St Mary

• Effective management of parish buildings, plant and resources.

• Increase parish income by 5%

• Have parishioners transfer almsgiving via direct credit banking

3 Finance

• Manage the parish’s finances

• Responding to monthly needs and outgoings

• Formulation the parish budget

• Monitoring of monthly expenses and trends

• Organise a Stewardship Campaign

• Sell the land at 39 Major Hornbrook Rd

• Purchase income deriving properties in the local community and surrounding area.

• Work with the Bishop, Standing Committee and Church Property Trustees to ensure a smooth process.

• Create a modern and community-facing parish Centre in Heathcote.

4 History

• Parish records are to be appropriately stored, maintained and protected

• All parish events and significant occasions to be recorded

5 Strategy

• The formulation, updating and writing of the PMAP2030 strategy

• Collate, organise and progress the PMAP

• The daily institution of the PMAP into the life of the Parish

Social (Janet Christie Anderson)

1 Parish Life

• Organisation of social events as part of parish life

Annual Parish Dinner

Annual Parish Picnic

Welcome to Heathcote Event

• Set up, support and maintenance of a men’s support group

• Organise a series of parish social functions, swimming, coffee mornings, cycling events, weekly parish dinners, weekly pub dinners and social get together's.

• Weekly Pub nights to continue on Thursday nights

Outreach (Vicar)

1 Christmas tree Project

• Organisation of the sale of the Christmas trees

• Organisation of the maintenance of the Christmas tree area

• Ensure the Christmas Trees are kept in a good condition

• Organisation of working bees and maintenance

• Ensure the ongoing provision of new trees

• Management of the annual sale project

2 Visibility

• Maintain a visible presence in the community.

• Flood Light the Church of St Mary

• Remove the trees and hedges that impede the visibility of the Church of St Mary

• Assist in the organisation of the Village/Community ANZAC service

• Maintain a visible presence in community facilities and organisations, local hotels, café’s, shopping precincts, community groups and organisations, Ferrymead Historic park

• Meet regularly with the residents organisations to support community functions and activities

• Make a regular contribution to the quarterly community newspaper

• Visit schools in the parish each quarter

• Organise an annual gathering of business leaders

• Meet with Local Authority and parliamentary leaders twice each year

• Participate in Community activities, celebrations and initiatives

• Organise a community facing Easter and Christmas event