The Church of St Mary, Heathcote
The Church of St Mary, Heathcote
The Church of the Ascension, Mt Pleasant
The Church of the Ascension, Mt Pleasant

From the Vicar

For the next couple of months we will be using the Church of the Ascension for worship. Normal worship will resume on 19 November. Over the coming weeks, we will be renovating the interior of the Church. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but it will be worth it to have or historic church looking great.

Having one church out of commission for a few weeks will cause an inconvenience. The Vestry elected to have this upgrading work completed while we could use the Church of the Ascension as our main worship space.

Thanks to all those who attended our working bee at the Church of St Mary on Saturday. Thanks also to Jill for organising everyone.

Sunday 17 September

Our Gospel reading today has Jesus teaching about the importance of forgiveness through the parable of the unmerciful servant. The parable begins with a servant who owed a large debt to his master. When the servant is unable to repay, the master shows compassion and forgives the debt completely. However, this same servant encounters someone who owes him a smaller debt and does not show the same mercy, choosing instead to have him thrown in prison. When the master hears of this, he is angry and revokes his previous forgiveness, subjecting the unmerciful servant to punishment.

This passage reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and mercy in our own lives. God has shown us great love and compassion by forgiving our sins through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Therefore, we should also extend forgiveness to others, no matter how significant the offense may seem. By forgiving others, we reflect God's grace and demonstrate the transformative power of his love.

Furthermore, this parable serves as a warning against harbouring grudges in our hearts. Just as the unmerciful servant faced severe consequences for his lack of forgiveness, we too will experience the negative effects of holding onto anger and bitterness. Jesus encourages us let go of grudges and embrace restoration of relationships.

Name badges

As a result of the recommendations from the parish survey, name badges have been provided. Please wear them during the service and over morning tea.

Café Crawl Tuesdays @ 10.30am

This Tuesday we meet at Under the Red Verandah, 29 Tancred St. Next week we meet at  Pier Cafe, New Brighton Pier and after this to the Church of St faith in New Brighton. Please contact Jill Straker ( for further information. We look forward to you joining us with any family and friends who might wish to tag along. Please contact Jill Straker ( for further information.

Swim Group

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings from 8am at Aquagym.

Dinner in the Valley

We meet from 5:30pm for a catch-up and dinner at the Valley Inn. Please join us and the locals for raffles, dinner and refreshments.

Smiling Cyclists, Thursdays 8:45am @ Church of St Mary

We meet on Thursdays at 8:30 at the Church of St Mary in Heathcote. This is open to everyone and we ride around the many cycleways throughout the city. As most of these are off the road, there is no need to worry about traffic except when crossing roads.

Friday Fitness

A group of walkers get together on Friday mornings. Like the Smiling Cyclists they traverse various tracks, paths and off street routes. Most of their journeys are based around the Port Hills and beyond.

We meet at the Maltworks entrance at 9am and return about lunchtime. We hope to see you there. Anyone interested should contact Jill Straker.


Please add to your prayers the Creemer, Williams, Browne and Earl families, The Mckerchar and Wood families (on holiday) this weekend), the work of the parish in the community, the Archdeacon and the Bishop.

Regular giving

To organise online giving, please contact your bank and provide the following information.

Heathcote-Mt Pleasant Anglican Parish

Westpac Bank 03-1599-0014277-00. (Please use the reference “202” and record your name for ease of accounting.)

The Treasurer, Pat Owen organizes online systems.

Friday 4:30pm at the Cathedral

Please join me at the Cathedral for Evensong. It is a wonderful service led by the Cathedral Boys Choir and is held during term time.

Final Service at the Church of the Ascension

On Sunday 12 November at 10am we meet for the final service at the Church of the Ascension in Mt Pleasant. Between now and then, all worship will be held in the Church of the Ascension as we are having the interior of the Church of St Mary refurbished. We want to contact as many past parishioners so please let the Wardens know of any persons who used to worship amongst us so we can invite them to the service.

From 19 November 2023, all services will be held at the Church of St Mary.

Mah Jong

Mah Jong is held on Wednesdays at the Church of the Ascension from 1:30pm. Please contact Judy Laidlaw for more information.

Physiotherapist amongst us.

Elaine and Terry Hughes have made their home amongst us at Heathcote. Elaine is a Physiotherapist working in the area, so if you need assistance of any kind, Elaine is available to assist you. Her details are as follows.

Experienced Physiotherapist and ACC Registered

Convenient Heathcote Valley location

Elaine Hughes BPhty, PGdip (Musc Mgmt)

Email: Phone: 0211246137

Worship next Sunday, 24 September, (Stewardship: The gift of Treasures)

Ordinary 25 @ Church of the Ascension, Mt Pleasant

Organist: J Christie-Anderson

Liturgist: G Sullivan

Sidesperson: E Chapman

Welcomer: C Straker

Morning Tea: O Gray/J Laidlaw

Cleaning: M Caird

First Testament Reading: Jonah 3:10–4:11 read by E Chapman

Intercessions: led by J Straker

Opening Hymn: Glorious things of thee are spoken

Gospel Hymn: Praise my soul

Gospel Reading: Matt 20:1-16

Offertory Hymn: Peace is flowing like a river

Final Hymn: Lift high the cross

The roster leading up to the end of the Liturgical year can be accessed under the menu "Services this week"

Parish Directory


The Reverend Mark Sullivan, 027 475 9946,

Vicar’s Warden:

Janet Christie-Anderson, 027 221 2635,

People’s Warden:

Allan Stack, 027 433 3735,