The Church of St Mary, Heathcote
The Church of St Mary, Heathcote

From the Vicar

Comment on the weekly readings: Ezekiel 17:22-24 and Mark 4:26-34

In our First Testament reading, Ezekiel shares a vision where God takes a new sprig from the top of a cedar and plants it on a high mountain. This sprig grows into a majestic cedar, under which every kind of bird will live, and its branches will offer shelter to all creatures. God's is the sovereign power and he nurtures and establish His chosen ones. The cedar, a symbol of strength and stability, represents the restoration and flourishing of Israel under God's care. It reflects the promise of hope, renewal, and the inclusive nature of God's kingdom, where diverse peoples find refuge.

In Mark, Jesus likens the Kingdom of God to mustard seeds. The seed growing secretly illustrates that the Kingdom of God growing mysteriously and independently of human efforts, emphasizing divine agency and the unseen work of God. The parable of the mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds that grows into the largest of garden plants, underscores the humble beginnings and the extraordinary, expansive growth of God's Kingdom. It points to the transformative power of faith and the surprising ways that God fulfills his purpose

Ezekiel's cedar and Mark's mustard seed both grow into large, sheltering entities, signifying the expansive and inclusive nature of God's kingdom. They convey that God's actions often start small and unassuming but result in grand, unforeseen outcomes. These texts invite reflection on the nature of God's work in the world, the mysterious and often hidden processes of spiritual growth, and the ultimate fulfillment of God's promises, offering hope and assurance of God's providential care and sovereign plan.

Café Crawl Tuesdays @ 10.30am

We meet at local cafes every Tuesday morning. Friends and family are welcome. Please contact Jill Straker (02102928231) for further information.

18th Joe's Garage 19 Mariner Street Sumner

25th Under the Red Verandah 29 Tancred St Linwood

Swim Group

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings from 8am at Aquagym. Please contact her for further information (

Dinner in the Valley

informal dinner at the Valley Inn. From 6pm on Thursdays.

Smiling Cyclists

We meet this Thursday at 8:45 at the Church of St Mary.

Friday Walking Group

The group meets at the entrance to the Maltworks Villas at 9am on Fridays.


Please add to your prayers the Williams, Seale, Parker, Brown, Chapman, Browne, Georgief and the Earl families, the work of the parish in the community, the Archdeacon and the Bishop, those elected to Parliament and the political leaders in their leadership deliberations.

Regular giving

To organise online giving, please contact your bank and provide the following information.

Heathcote-Mt Pleasant Anglican Parish

Westpac Bank 03-1599-0014277-00. (Please use the reference “202” and record your name for ease of accounting.)

Parish Prayer Group

A new prayer group has been formed in the parish and is being facilitated by Sheelagh Wood. Initially the group meets on Sundays at 9:15-9:30 in the church. Please come along if you feel called to join us.

Winter Mid-week Services

These traditional services begin on 6 June. These are held on Thursday afternoons and we explore some of the services that have shaped the formation of the liturgy of our 4pm. Please join us.

Card night

Please note this in your diary at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Centennial Centre. Supper is provided. Please bring along any family members or friends.

Dessert evening

This monthly winter activity begins tonight at 7pm at Janet’s Home, 63 Te Awakura Tce. Everyone is welcome to attend. Geo and Hugo will be defending their title and as usual a celebrity judge will be joining us. Last year it was a great evening entertainment and fine food. We hope you will join us.

16 June, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Liturgist: Geo Sullivan

Intercessions: Pat Owen

Organist: Janet Christie-Anderson

Reading: Janet Christie- Anderson

Welcomer: Pat Owen

Sides-person: Viki Brinkman

Morning tea: Christine Clapp & Viki Brinkman

Cleaning: Stack family

23 June, 10am, 12th Sunday in Ordinary time

Next week, 23 June, 10am, 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Liturgist: Vanda McKerchar

Intercessions: Sue Sullivan

Organist: Janet Christie-Anderson

Reading: Pat Owen

Welcomer: Christine Clapp

Sides-person: Viki Brinkman

Morning tea: Sue Sullivan & Margaret Hollis

Cleaning: Straker family

Mah Jong

Mah Jong is held on Wednesdays at the Church of St Mary from 1:30pm. This has finished for the term and resumes when school returns. Please contact Judy Laidlaw for more information.

Parish Directory


The Reverend Mark Sullivan, 027 475 9946,

Vicar’s Warden:

Alistair McKerchar, 384 4788,

People’s Warden:

Allan Stack, 027 433 3735,

Mt Pleasant Project Chairman:

Janet Christie-Anderson, 021 2212635,