The Church of St Mary, Heathcote
The Church of St Mary, Heathcote
25 February

From the Vicar

We had a great AGM last Sunday. We congratulate Vanda McKerchar and Chris Stewart on their appointment as Synod representatives, Allan Stack as the People's Warden, Alistair McKerchar as the Vicar's Warden, as well as the committee of Janet Christie Anderson, Pat Owen, Viki Brinkman and Will Parker.

Gospel Reflection

Mark 8:31-38

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reveals the profound truth about discipleship - a journey that demands sacrifice, self-denial, and an unwavering commitment to follow Him.

Jesus begins by foretelling His suffering, rejection, and eventual crucifixion. A stark revelation that challenges our conventional understanding of a triumphant Messiah. He emphasizes that true discipleship involves embracing the cross, a symbol of sacrifice and humility. In a world often driven by pursuit of self-interest, Jesus urges us to lose our lives for His sake and the Gospel, reminding us that the cost of discipleship is denying oneself.

In a society fixated on success and personal gain, Jesus calls us to a radical shift in perspective. He confronts the allure of worldly pursuits, challenging us to prioritize eternal values over temporary comforts. As we navigate the complexities of life, Jesus compels us to take up our cross daily, willingly bearing the challenges that come with living out our faith.

Moreover, Jesus warns against gaining the whole world at the expense of losing our soul. In a culture enamored with materialism and instant gratification, we are reminded that true fulfillment comes from a surrendered life in Christ. The invitation is clear: choose the path of discipleship, no matter how difficult, for it leads to eternal significance and a profound connection with God.

Let us then examine our hearts and evaluate our commitment to Jesus. Are we willing to sacrifice our desires, ambitions, and comforts for the sake of the Gospel? In embracing the cross, we discover the profound truth that through self-denial, we find the abundant life Christ promises.

May the Holy Spirit empower us to embrace the cost of discipleship with joy, knowing that in losing our lives for Christ, we truly find them.

Children’s Liturgy (what we used to call Sunday School)

• This starts on 3 March and continues during term time. This is being held on the last Sunday of the month. The young people will leave the service after the first hymn and return during the offertory. We have devised a program of activities, so if you feel called to assist one Sunday each year, please contact me. If you have young people of primary school age, please bring them along to support this ministry. Children’s Liturgy was last held in 1985, so it is great that we can now introduce this amongst us again.

Café Crawl Tuesdays @ 10.30am

We meet at local cafes every Tuesday morning. Friends and family are welcome. Please contact Jill Straker (02102928231) for further information.

27 March: Ferrymead Golf Club 68 Ferrymead Park D

Swim Group

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings from 8am at Aquagym. Please contact her for further information (

Dinner in the Valley

informal dinner at the Valley Inn. From 6pm on Thursdays.

Smiling Cyclists

We meet this Thursday at 8:45 at the Church of St Mary.

Friday Walking Group

The group meets at the entrance to the Maltworks Villas at 9am on Fridays.


Please add to your prayers the Williams, Browne and Earl families, the work of the parish in the community, the Archdeacon and the Bishop, those elected to Parliament and the political leaders in their leadership deliberations.

Regular giving

To organise online giving, please contact your bank and provide the following information.

Heathcote-Mt Pleasant Anglican Parish

Westpac Bank 03-1599-0014277-00. (Please use the reference “202” and record your name for ease of accounting.)

Daily Reflection

I have begun offering a daily refection on the appointed readings for each day. These can be found on the web site. Please enter the site and click on “Parish life and activities” then click “Spirituality, studies and Courses”. Each reflection is about 300 words and can be incorporated into daily prayers.

You will also see our study material under this tab.

Community Lunch Wednesdays @ 12:30 in the Centennial Hall

This is a new initiative for 2024. It follows the Eden-aters working bee in the morning. Please join us for soup and a bun.

Children’s Liturgy 25 February

This is being held on the last Sunday during term time. This is set for children under 12 years of age. Please encourage family members to join us.

Worship Next week, 3 March, 10am, Lent 3, Children’s Liturgy and a healing service

Liturgist: Vanda McKerchar

Chalice: Viki Brinkman

Intercessions: Pat Owen

Organist: Sheelagh Wood

First Testament reading: Exodus 20: 1-17, Judy Stack

Welcomer: Moya Caird

Sidesperson: Sue Stewart

Morning tea: Sue Sullivan

Cleaning: Stack family

New Chairs for the Church

The total cost of the new chairs. $8,666.06. So far we have received donations of $3,714.44. There is still time to donate for a new chair, the cost is $173.32 a chair. Thanks for those people who have already donated generously, we have nearly met half of the cost.


Please add to your prayers the Williams, Browne and Earl families, the work of the parish in the community, the Archdeacon and the Bishop, those elected to Parliament and the political leaders in their leadership deliberations.

Mah Jong

Mah Jong is held on Wednesdays at the Church of the Ascension from 1:30pm. This has finished for the year and resumes in February. Please contact Judy Laidlaw for more information.


Parish Directory


The Reverend Mark Sullivan, 027 475 9946,

Vicar’s Warden:

Alistair McKerchar, 384 4788,

People’s Warden:

Allan Stack, 027 433 3735,

Mt Pleasant Project Chairman:

Janet Christie-Anderson, 021 2212635,